IDEALIFT PROGRAMME – for a youthful look!

It is always a challenge for men and women above 40 years old to continuously stay youthful and look revitalised. First, it’s your saggy eyebags, followed by wrinkle and fine lines. Then it’s your dry skin with dull complexion and the list goes on… It is a natural aging process that our body undergoes as our skin cells are exposed to sun damage, hormone changes and many other factors.

Idealift Programme is a carefully studied and refined 6-months treatment unique to Idealyst Clinic to help you maintain & restore your youthful look without having to seek for treatment after treatment and forking out payment after payment. We take care of your overall look from skin texture to skin complexion in just 1 programme!

IDEAL TT – for curvy body!

Ever wondered how that 40 years old men or women maintain their 25 years old beautiful body curve? Let Idealyst specialists guide you through a simple 6-months programme and you’ll be surprised to rediscover your curvy body too!

Ideal TT enables you to lose your saggy tummy and regain body tone .

IDEALYOUTH – for anti-aging & inside-out wellness!

Being youthful does not only mean having a revitalised outlook. True anti-aging wellness involves inside-out rejuvenation. As our skin ages, so does our internal organs. Idealyst take cares of our customers by offering a special one year anti-aging wellness programme to boost their overall vitality, sexual performance and overall youthfulness. This programme is targeted to men and women above 40 years old who not only want to look youthful, but FEEL YOUTHFUL!